Monday, January 25, 2010

For Cypress Rosewood

For an electronic musician, instruments and computers are as important as food and water, so when one of SL's most influential and unique musicians has his stolen, it hurts!

Just ask Cypress Rosewood (Tony Gerber RL), whose guitars and computers were stolen on Sunday.  Including irreplaceables, like his Grandfather's 1935 circa.... Kay Kraft Instruments Acoustic Guitar hes had since he was12 years old.

One min life is good..

Next min its not..

The emotional and financial support of his friends and fans can make a huge difference.

One way you could help is buy purchasing music for yourself or as a gift directly from Cypress at Tony Gerber Music and / or  by coming to some events that his friends in SL have arranged  ..
Thank you to Crap Mariner  of  Tunes in SL  for screen shots and Truelie Telling for her help with this post.

Crap Mariner of Tunes in SL  has Challenged all Second life Musicains to simply update thier info on Tunes in SL and he’s contributing to help out Cypress  for each one who does so.. Read details here.

  ~~ Cypress,  if there is anything more I can do to help.. please  let me  know.  Anyone else wants to help out...   please leave a comment and I will make sure and get the info to Cypress.

Here is Cypress on Live n Kickin  in Oct 09'....

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