Saturday, July 24, 2010

3 Minute Interview with Obeloinkment Wrigglesworth

DD:( thats me) 3 minute interview with Obeloinkment Wrigglesworth (OW) starts now!

DD: What is the most unusual place or situation youve played at in 1st and 2nd Life?

OW: Well in first life I've played a variety of strange places, my band, Aftergrass is sorta known for throwing these wild outdoor shows in strange places (the edge of Canyonlands National Park in Utah, the high mountains of Colorado, on top of houseboats, etc). In SL, the most unusual place I played was Greenie's Home, where everything is built to a scale that makes your avatar about the size of a mouse it was fascinating there, and a great place to play.

OW: But my favorite place to play in RL is around a fire with good friends and some whiskey :)

DD: Your sound is so unique, what are all the different instruments you know how to play?

OW: I play drums, bass, guitar, piano, and trumpet comfortably - almost comfortably: mandolin, banjo, trombone - and of course all the little percussion things that I use in the loops.

DD: great stuff I love it

DD: Name a song or a Movie that made you cry.

OW: Song: El Paso by Marty Robins... Momvie: Amelie
DD: Dont know them but I'll google it!

DD: Do you have a link to a you tube or even Treet Tv video you would like to share?

OW: That's the singer of Aftergrass and I playing at a winery

DD: One last question.. have you ever been to Antarctica?

OW: Funny you should ask.... about 10 years ago I met a guy via Cu-See Me (old video chat app) who was at McMurdo station in Antarctica. We got to be good buddies and I seriously considered doing a 6 month stint there in the hydroponics department.. but then I decided being isolated for 6 months with 125 people, mostly dudes... would be no fun :)

DD: Oh good that wasn't you then.   ..Phew  ;-)

~ Find out more about   Obeloinkment Wrigglesworth here:

Monday, July 19, 2010

Taking flight ..well you just have to see this clip..

I'm still smiling from all the fun and laughter I had while participating in a  Special  Edition Giant Snail Race put on by RacerX Gullwing and his crew to help raise money for Relay For Life in SL on Saturday.  I have raced once before in one of the regular races which are normally giant snails but this one was with Tiny Giant Snails (about the size of a typical avatar in SL) but to be honest I  had a little difficulty steering that Huge Snail Avatar around the  course.

As soon as I tried on my mini snail (and promptly had a Live n Kickin Flag added by Baldi McMillan (who happens to also be my SL next door neighbor) Thank Yoou Baldi.  I was ready to race!  This race turned out to be absolute chaos for me and Treet TV's Cameras which you'll see in the clip below.  I would attribute it mostly to sim lag as there were way more people in the sims than the Linden Labs servers could handle gracefully.

At one point I fell off one of the  rides and I guess the build was at a high altitude in SL and  I found my snail/self falling from above 2000 meters below to what I believe was some kind of Music Event that was going on below us where I briefly saw Harrie Skjellerup (organizer of The Originals) in front of me before a freind teleported me back to the Snail Race..  

Anyway.. this 2 min clip below shows some of the madness of the race  with a priceless shot of one of the boats overloaded with snails  appearing to fly through the forest and off into space.. You gotta love Second Life Sim crossings!  

Watch with the Audio on this is pretty funny..

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

3 Minutes with Tpenta VanAlten (Alan Hargreaves)

DD‧: 3 min interview with Tpenta Van Alten starts now! (for Blog)
Tpenta Vanalten‧: lol sure, can I just grab a drink?
DD‧: hurry
DD‧: clocks ticking
Tpenta Vanalten‧: back

DD‧: Tpenta who is your biggest influence musically?
Tpenta Vanalten‧: I take influence from everything I hear, it's hard to narrow out one. I love listening to all kinds of guitarists, Jon Williams, through to Eric Clapton and Mark Knopfler. I love listening to some of the local talent we have near I live too.
Tpenta Vanalten‧: Everything I hear is an influence
Tpenta Vanalten‧: ..and one had to include Dexter (Ihnen) in "local Talent"

DD‧: How old were you when you first started playing an instrument?
Tpenta Vanalten‧: I was 8 years old when my parents bought me my first 3/4 size guitar in this huge rectangular case I had to carry to school, .. .I vividly recall performing Lilly the Pink with the other third class kids.

DD‧: What do you think is the best thing about doing gigs on second life?
Tpenta Vanalten‧: The best part is being able to interact with people all over the world, and I mean really interact while you are playing. There is great feedback in the chat window. Doing gigs in SL has also made me some fantastic friends.
Tpenta Vanalten‧: I also think that it helps to hone your craft as you can play a lot more often.

DD‧: cool... have a link I can post of you or a something else you would like to share with this interview?

DD‧: Oh one last question?
Tpenta Vanalten‧: shoot
DD‧: Have you ever been to Podunk Kansas?
Tpenta Vanalten‧: No I haven't :)
DD‧: Good your not missing anything

Check out Tpenta as Alan in this Vid!

DD‧: Thank you Tpenta!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

3 Minutes with Frets Nirvana

DD (thats me!): Whos your biggest influence musically?
Frets Nirvana: Right now it has got to be Tommy Emmanuel .....but it is a long list .....Jeff Beck, Jimmy Page, Chet Atkins, John McLaughlin, Django Reinhardt,...on and on .....LOL

DD:What was the first instrument you owned?

Frets Nirvana: Actually a rubber drum pad ....I started playing drums first.

DD: If you had the flue and you had to play one of them.. and if SL could hold as many people as the 1st life venue.. would you rather play Madison Square Garden in 1st life or play a venue in SecondLife in your underwear ?

Frets Nirvana: LOL ......Geez … How Madison Square Garden in my underwear.

DD: got a link to a YouTube I can paste with this interview?

Thanks Frets! Check out Frets at ..