Tuesday, July 13, 2010

3 Minutes with Frets Nirvana

DD (thats me!): Whos your biggest influence musically?
Frets Nirvana: Right now it has got to be Tommy Emmanuel .....but it is a long list .....Jeff Beck, Jimmy Page, Chet Atkins, John McLaughlin, Django Reinhardt,...on and on .....LOL

DD:What was the first instrument you owned?

Frets Nirvana: Actually a rubber drum pad ....I started playing drums first.

DD: If you had the flue and you had to play one of them.. and if SL could hold as many people as the 1st life venue.. would you rather play Madison Square Garden in 1st life or play a venue in SecondLife in your underwear ?

Frets Nirvana: LOL ......Geez … How Madison Square Garden in my underwear.

DD: got a link to a YouTube I can paste with this interview?

Thanks Frets! Check out Frets at .. http://www.myspace.com/fretsnirvana

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