Wednesday, July 14, 2010

3 Minutes with Tpenta VanAlten (Alan Hargreaves)

DD‧: 3 min interview with Tpenta Van Alten starts now! (for Blog)
Tpenta Vanalten‧: lol sure, can I just grab a drink?
DD‧: hurry
DD‧: clocks ticking
Tpenta Vanalten‧: back

DD‧: Tpenta who is your biggest influence musically?
Tpenta Vanalten‧: I take influence from everything I hear, it's hard to narrow out one. I love listening to all kinds of guitarists, Jon Williams, through to Eric Clapton and Mark Knopfler. I love listening to some of the local talent we have near I live too.
Tpenta Vanalten‧: Everything I hear is an influence
Tpenta Vanalten‧: ..and one had to include Dexter (Ihnen) in "local Talent"

DD‧: How old were you when you first started playing an instrument?
Tpenta Vanalten‧: I was 8 years old when my parents bought me my first 3/4 size guitar in this huge rectangular case I had to carry to school, .. .I vividly recall performing Lilly the Pink with the other third class kids.

DD‧: What do you think is the best thing about doing gigs on second life?
Tpenta Vanalten‧: The best part is being able to interact with people all over the world, and I mean really interact while you are playing. There is great feedback in the chat window. Doing gigs in SL has also made me some fantastic friends.
Tpenta Vanalten‧: I also think that it helps to hone your craft as you can play a lot more often.

DD‧: cool... have a link I can post of you or a something else you would like to share with this interview?

DD‧: Oh one last question?
Tpenta Vanalten‧: shoot
DD‧: Have you ever been to Podunk Kansas?
Tpenta Vanalten‧: No I haven't :)
DD‧: Good your not missing anything

Check out Tpenta as Alan in this Vid!

DD‧: Thank you Tpenta!

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