Sunday, November 7, 2010

3 min interview with Cosmic Haystack

DD (that's me) Cosmic from the day I first heard you in SL I thought of you as a Banjo Phenom. Why the Banjo?
CC (that's Cosmic Haystack): Let me get a beer brb

DD: :-)
CC: First there was this thing commonly known as the big bang ....oh wait .....tooo far back..

CC: I got on SL cause early in my life i had learned about 3D world simulation in Collage so I wanted to see it first hand. I was on SL and I ran across a group of people called the hobos. While hanging out with them I heard a bass player play over mic on voice. I grabbed my banjo and joined in. SL folks were amazed, they never heard a banjo like that..Cause i can play the (expletive) out on one

DD: You sure can.

CC: Then they told me that people can so shows on SL. They introduced me to people that taught me how and what to get to make it happen..

DD: ok ok. We know that part already,  this is a 3 min interview.. next question.
CC: No I will not marry you.

DD: I dont date musicians.
CC: :)O

DD: If it wasn't the Banjo.. what would be your next choice as a instrument to master?
CC: It would be the piano.

DD: What is your favorite song of all time and by who?
CC: Here is a link to my favorite song of all time.. it's soooo about love.. god I think love is sooo kool.

DD: What is the name of the band your playing with now..and where can people catch you?
CC: Bluegrass Buzzards. We only play SL. Every Wed at the Good Vibe Accoustic Lounge
5:30 to 7:00PM SLT (PST) includes Tony Myers on Mandolin, Matt Phelps on the Guitar, Dennis Tally on Bass and me on Banjo. All band members tour with famous bands except me. We donate all Tips to Matt cause he just had a baby.

Cosmic's Website...

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