Sunday, May 2, 2010

30 Second IM Interview and Video With Pmann Sands

[23:51]  Delinda Dyrssen‧: ok here we go 30 sec interview (yeah like we can type that fast!)  with Pmann Sands Starts now!
[23:52]  Delinda Dyrssen‧: Pmann whos playing on the track in this video? Anyone else besides you?
[23:53]  Pmann Sands‧: Yes, the bed tracks were recorded in Vancouver, Jamie Bowers, Doug Coleman and myself did all the tracks, Jamie did bass I did guitar and vocals.
[23:53]  Pmann Sands‧: Doug is the lead singer in my rl Band Saint Eves
[23:54]  Delinda Dyrssen‧: great! Did you write the Lyrics and Music?
[23:55]  Pmann Sands‧: Yes, Doug and I wrote the song
[23:56]  Delinda Dyrssen‧: cool whats the link to  for your music on the web?
[23:56]  Pmann Sands‧:
[23:57]  Delinda Dyrssen‧: Thanks Pmann Times up!  lets check out the Video!

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