Wednesday, June 16, 2010

It All Belongs

Most of you that read this blog already know that I am a huge fan of live music and that  I  even produce a Live Music related TV show called Live n Kickin with Paisley Beebe for her Company Perfect World Productions.  Yes I love Live Music.. there is nothing like being at a show whether it be virtually or in meatspace when an  artists improvises or sings a song or plays a chord just a little different because of something he felt or wanted to convey to the audience at just that moment.  Sometimes this can be magic and you wont capture it on  a recording because  naturally the producer wants the recording to be perfect.  ( unless of course its a recording of a "live performance")   then sometimes you will catch those moments of magic as I like to call them.

There are other forms of music performance out there that I really do like that can come in many diffrent forms like karaoke for instance.  In Second life Live Music Circles I do hear lots of flack.. and  even I have been guilty of saying  "oh thats not live music its karaoke".  Well  thats true its not completley live since they are singing to a track recorded or at least licenced by the original artist.   But they are singing live.   And I have heard some people who are amazing singers do this and hey.. I enjoyed it.  I don't think we should discount people who are doing this from the title of live performers.

 Then there are Dj's.   A good DJ can rock the house as good as any Live Musician and I've heard some out there who can entertain in a manner that is just as exhilarating as any live band I've heard.  As long as they are playing material they have licensed and are not stealing the music they use for their performance.. I have no problem with listening to a DJ and considering his performance as "Live".

Before you comment please do me a favor and listen to the Lyrics in this song that inspired my thoughts on this post done by Strum Diesel (rl Sean Kagalis) here becasue as he says..   It All Belongs.


  1. Yeah.. i always find it such a stupid discussion about the 'tracks' vs 'no tracks', 'original' vs 'cover', 'acoustic' vs 'electric', 'professionals' vs 'amateurs'... it's all so silly. My thoughts are "Do/listen to whatever you want to, and let others do the same." There is no 'right' when it comes to one's preferences.

  2. Damaris WhitfieldJune 17, 2010 at 12:00 AM

    Well said, Delinda, and true. Infighting is not going to help anybody do anything. Diversity is one of SL's biggest assets, and we as musicians would be wise to embrace our own diversity as well. United we stand, divided we FALL baby.

  3. When i see things like this i get all weepy cause it really is true. If one has a closed mind one really does close oneself off an isolate oneself from some really great people an great experiences we are all connected after all. Don't let others judgments sway you from following your truth. Is very proud of you Del:)